Art Block

Sorry for long time no see or even write 😶 .. I’ve had something called ‘Art Block’, which means that you can’t draw anything like you’re not interested, or you feel depressed, & you even feel not creative anymore .. its a bad feeling & I wish I don’t feel

Simple Interior Sketching

اللغة العربية Hello, In this post I want to talk about my first simple interior sketch, and by drawing a kitchen painting I learned a lot (I want to post the reference drawing but unfortunately the artist doesn’t want to use or repost his works). I know after drawing it

Digital Painting Misconception

باللغة العربية Hi, today I want to explain a misconception that a lot of people have about the digital painting. You know there’s a group of people who thinks that the digital painting is more like copy and paste kind of thing, and the digital artist don’t need to work

Mountain Lake

باللغة العربية One day I saw a picture like this mountain with the lake before I bought the iPad Pro, way before…., and this picture has been in my mind for so long that I reached to this point, of drawing it .. to make it alive .. and I’m

Drawing Doodles & Sketches -Mountains-

باللغة العربية We all know that practice leads to improvement.  Like you won’t get any better unless you do some exercises, and the more you draw the more confident you’ll become ..  So I sketched some mountains 🏔, I don’t know why I chose to sketch them precisely 🤔 ..  But I love sometimes

First time drawing Landscape

باللغة العربية Landscapes can always be an inspiration for us, expressing our loves, interests & desire to draw our surroundings & environments.  I tried yesterday to draw a landscape, and I finally did, in spite of the sketch of the landscape I drew it a week ago, I was too

The best Apps for digital art in the Ipad Pro

باللغة العربية Hi, in this post, I will talk about the apps that it’s so good to use for you Art, and if you want to check my last drawing the Mandala it’s in here. So the best & only app for me is Procreate Procreate is an app that

Trying Sketchbook and Procreate! | My Digital Art Attempts

Hello everyone and welcome back to this blog! As you have read in my latest post, we are under an enhanced community quarantine which means we cannot… Trying Sketchbook and Procreate! | My Digital Art Attempts

Mandala art therapy

باللغة العربية The Mandala art, has a very deep spiritual meaning, and its a therapeutic healing kind of art, using geometric patterns in an effort to find or restore a sense of healthy mental balance, they said that its a meaningful reflection of its creator.  This is my first time trying

My review in using Ipad pro 11-inch,2018 after several months

باللغة العربية When I first bought the Ipad pro with Apple Pencil, I start using it as a portable tv 😂 the first thing I did was downloading Netflix app, youtube and buying the procreate app (without using it) in the beginning >_<, I don’t know why 🤔 maybe I was afraid

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